lovely yours ♠

[DearNoOne] Hello my love. If you're out there, here is my life before you. Images that fill my mind and reach my most inner thoughts. The silly things that make me smile. My intimate desires. Words that mean dearly to me. My life before you. My flaws laid out in the open. The darkest struggles. Greatest successes. Study this. This is me. Oh and love, I cannot wait to finally meet you. [signed lovely yours]
[update 01102013] I found him. [signed lovely yours]


Please let yourself be proud of small things. Please do that. Please allow yourself to get really excited about playing a video game well or sending an ask you were nervous about or letting a bug outside or peeling the whole orange in one try. Please get so excited about that. Please. That’s so cool I’m so glad you did it.

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I say I want to be skinny yet I am always eating. I say I want good grades yet I procrastinate until it’s too late. I say I don’t want to be alone as I put my headphones in and never talk to anyone. I say I want to be a better and happier person as I sit here and count all the ways I hate myself.

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babies need to shut the fuck up and get a job

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